You seem to be feeling down and I wish I could cheer you up, but I don't know what to do... Maybe you should image search 'cats in sweaters' because they look ridiculous and cute and maybe that would help just a little (っ˘̩▽˘̩)っ

oh nonnie i was just about to go to bed but i’m so glad i waited a little bit to see this ask

i think this one is my favorite

kitty shark teheeee~

thank you for your kindness, friend. <33333333

Reblog if you’re apart of the Almost Human family/fandom regardless if you ship something or everything or nothing at all!


This is a fandom where EVERYONE is welcome because we’re here loving  this amazing, wonderful show and there’s too few of us to leave anyone out or to stay away from each other. We’re all family, the Alhufamily. <3333

So if you reblog this, you’re telling each other that they can come to your blog whenever they like and talk with you about this show or we can get together in livestreams and chat rooms to just talk about this awesome show in its entirety!

crazypeoplejail replied to your post “[[MOR]it’s 12:30 am and i should be going to bed and i should not be…”

shhh just sleep it off

i know, i know

i’m about to

Wes: Excuse me! How you guys doing? LAPD LAPD, back up, LAPD. Where you going? Look, my partner and I just have a few questions to ask you guys.

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Michonne in season 4
made for a universe-the challenge
Michonne in season 4

made for a universe-the challenge